4 Out Of 5 Motorbike Accidents Caused by Other Drivers


One of the biggest motorcycle insurers in the UK, Groupama Insurances, has discovered the main cause of motorcycle accidents in the country.

After a detailed analysis of over 1,600 insurance claims for motorcycle accidents, Groupama has revealed that other road users are in fact the most common cause of motorcycle incidents.

In 2012, the BBC produced a documentary called ‘How Safe Are Britain’s Roads?’ which suggested that a loss of control of bends on roads were the main cause of motorcycle deaths in Britain.

However, the report by Groupama Insurance has found that 4 out of 5 motorcycle accidents were in fact caused by other road users.

A great deal of motorcyclists in the UK welcome these findings as many of them were outraged at the suggestion by the BBC programme that motorcyclists had poor driving skills. Many also believed that a valuable opportunity had been missed to educate other road users on the risks they can pose to motorcyclists, as well as what they can do to reduce the risk of accidents.

The analysis by Groupama looked at 1,679 insurance claims by motorcyclists during July and September 2012, a peak time in the year for claims.

Rather than motorcyclists being their own worst enemy, the results of the analysis showed that the majority of accidents were caused by other drivers quickly changing direction or suddenly pulling out of junctions.

Out of all the insurance claims analysed, 11 of them resulted in a death, 3 claimants had lost control but none of them had lost control going round a bend.

These findings have shown that the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by other road users rather than careless driving.

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