Appropriate & Protective Clothing for Motorcycle Riders

Elenor Fleming

When a client is involved in a motorbike accident they are of a greater impact in numerous areas, than that of a car on car accident.

The physical injuries sustained can be from head to toe, it appears from past experience that the main injuries are to the; head, shoulder and knees, dependent upon the impact and the way in which the person falls.

Obviously, the injuries can be minimised greatly by wearing the appropriate and advised safety clothing.  The Highway Code states that a motorcyclist and their passenger must wear a protective helmet and must be fastened securely.  It is advised that before each journey is taken the visor is clean and in a good condition.  These regulations do not apply if the rider is Sikh and wearing a turban.

It is also recommended that a new helmet is purchased following an accident, as the structure will be damaged and no longer fit for purpose.  The purchase of a new helmet can also be claimed.


Even though, there is no guidance in relation to protective clothing, bar stating that at all times the rider should be visible, it is highly recommended that the most effectively clothing should be worn.  This would change the potentially life changing injuries, to ones which could be treated by physiotherapy only.

In most circumstances, the psychological impact of the accident can be as serious if not more so than the physical injuries.  This can range from minor travel anxiety to post traumatic stress disorder; physiological injuries can be treated from the mere passage of time to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treatment.  With either approach the main aim is to get the rider back on a motorbike and enjoying the experience again.

The further losses which will generally be incurred are; motorbike damage, motorbike hire, clothing damage, helmet replacement, treatment; physical and psychological, loss of earnings, travel costs if a hire vehicle cannot be obtained, care and assistance received from friends or family members greater than that previously provided and prescription fees.   This is not an exhaustive list, so it is always recommended to keep a running record of losses incurred as a result of an accident, in order that you are fully and appropriately compensated.

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