Are You Putting your Claim at Risk?

follow site Whether it’s clear that you’re the victim in an accident or not, there are loads of ways that you could jeopardise your claim, putting your compensation at risk.

get link If you’ve been involved in a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault then it’s important not to do anything that could risk the success of your case.

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see url All of these factors below could seriously hamper your chances of a successful claim:

·         Documenting the accident

here Properly documenting the accident is essential because the first thing you’ll be asked by your solicitor is ‘what happened?’ and ‘do you have a copy of the police accident report?’.

click here A police report provides vital evidence that will be used to fight your case, without it, it’s your word against theirs. The official report is the only way to prove that the accident happened the way that you say it did.

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·         Witness information

Buy Ambien Tablets If the accident is serious then it’s obviously going to be difficult to collect witness information. In this instance, the police are likely to be called and as there are likely to be people around you it’s a good idea to ask someone to stay with you. When the police arrive they will then take any details from that person and the information that they provide could help with your case. If the accident is not so serious then you could take witness information yourself, just ask for the person’s number and ring it from your phone. This way you know it’s the right number and you automatically have it saved ready for when the police arrive at the scene.


·         Photographs

see Again, depending on the severity of the accident, it’s not always possible to gather photographic evidence. However, if you’re able, use your mobile to snap a picture of the scene, any damage to your bike and also, remember to take pictures of any injuries that you’ve sustained as a result of the accident.

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Buy Soma Watson Brand Online You should also make sure you take pictures of the area, especially if weather conditions could have contributed to your accident because evidence of snow, ice and rain doesn’t stay around long.

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·         Untruthful

go here Being untruthful about the accident or the injuries that you sustained is possibly the worst thing you can do when trying to win a case. Not only are you likely to lose the case through doing this, you’re also going to annoy your solicitor, who has put their time, effort and resources into helping your claim.

see It’s important to tell the complete truth, if you’re injured and the accident wasn’t your fault then you’re almost certain to get some kind of compensation. By adding incorrect flourishes to your story you merely endangering the result of your case because you will be found out and lying could mean walking away with little or even none of the compensation you deserve.

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·         Inform your insurers

Order Carisoprodol Overnight After the accident it’s imperative that you inform your insurer. If they aren’t made aware of the accident within a specified timeframe after the accident – usually a few weeks – then they don’t have a duty to cover you.

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·         Don’t talk about your case

Mail Order Valium Don’t become a blabber mouth when you’re going through legal proceedings, even if you’re the victim because if you start talking to the wrong people – even indirectly – then it could jeopardise the entire case.

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watch Unless it’s your solicitor or someone who works for them, make sure you don’t talk because anything you say could be used against you in court.

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·         Medical advice

Buy Diazepam Topix After an accident it’s really important to seek medical attention, even if you’re not seriously hurt. Just like a police report, a medical report can provide valuable evidence that will help you win your case so seeing a doctor after the accident is imperative.

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