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Case Law on Motorcycle Accident Claims

I’ve worked in the industry for a number of years and couldn’t count the number of motorcycle claims I’ve dealt with. You can almost always expect two things when a new motorcycle claim lands on your desk. Firstly the injuries are going to be more than “whiplash” – riders have
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RST Becomes Safety Partner for Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man TT is a race that’s famous, not just in the motorcycling circle, but worldwide. It’s considered one of the most thrilling but also most dangerous road races in the world and is one of the only places that amateur bikers can take on the track during
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Stealth Motorcycle to Help Police Pursuits in US

California based Zero Motorcycles have developed a silent motorbike to help with police pursuits. In a bid to remain undetected when approaching or following a criminal, this motorcycle gives the police the upper-hand as they can approach in silence. This bike won’t be a let down in a chase either;
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The Brave Women That Take On The TT

In 1962 Beryl Swain, known as the Goddess of the Gas Pedal, became the first female solo rider to race in the Isle of Man TT. However, a year later, she was unable to compete because her international licence was revoked as women were seen as the weaker sex. A
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North West 200 is Under Way

The largest outdoor sporting event in Ireland is the North West 200 and it goes from 10th May – 17th May 2014. A lot of riders use this race as a final practice when honing their skills and teams use it as a place to test reliability ready for the
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Winter Motorcycle Safety

Some of the most useful winter motorcycle safety tips Between frozen roads and dark nights and mornings, winter can be extremely hazardous on UK roads – especially for bikers. Whether you’ve got a motorbike or you’re instead a cyclist, the winter can offer a variety of additional challenges and the
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Diesel Spillage – A Biker’s Invisible Nightmare

It is a common thought amongst motorcyclists that if they have an accident as a result of diesel spills on the road then they are not entitled to compensation for their injuries. But that simply isn’t the case. At Express Motorbike Solicitors, our lawyers are experienced at dealing with road
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New Department For Transport Figures A Worry For Motorcyclists

The Department for Transport has published its figures for road conditions for 2008 to 2011, with data sourced from 89 different UK councils. It’s bad news for motorcyclists as the figures show that the overall condition of our roads has drastically gone downhill. Just under a quarter of councils who provided
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Motorcycle Safety Groups Turn To YouTube After Recent Accidents

Recently I blogged about the recent swell of motorcycle fatalities in Yorkshire. Sadly five people were killed in the space of just two weeks. The total number of motorcyclists killed on the county’s roads now stands at fourteen which is shocking considering we’re only in midSeptember and the total for
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