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Staying Safe on a Motorcycle

According to reports the biggest motorcycle accident hotspots are London and the South East, closely followed by the West Midlands.  However that doesn’t mean rural or suburban roads are safe.  A recent new article has reported the tragic death of a biker killed in Norfolk when a car turned across
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Safety Features to Address to Ensure Safe Winter Riding

A lot of riders won’t even consider riding in the unpredictable winter weather, they’ll ensure their bike is protected with a thick layer of grease, covered in an appropriate protective layer – tarpaulin for example – and stored in a garage or lock-up until the fresh buds of spring begin
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Mother Releases Footage of Son’s Death to Raise Awareness

David Holmes died in a head-on collision while riding his motorbike in the summer of 2013. At the time of the accident, he was wearing a camera on his helmet which meant that his last journey was caught on film. On 4th September 2014, his mother, Brenda Holmes, gave permission
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Injured By A Spillage On The Road? You’re Entitled To Make A Claim

Accidents that are caused by a diesel, oil or other kind of spillage are actually quite frequent. Whether your vehicle skids on a spillage or you happen to slip, if the spillage isn’t your fault then you have every right to make a compensation claim. How to claim compensation after
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Harley Davidson To Release The First New Bike In 13 Years

The American motorcycles have been the figment of many men’s dreams for years. However, with their first release for 13 years, Harley Davidson have taken a different direction. Their two new releases, the Street 500 and the Street 750 are aimed at women and have been described as the “little
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Lethal Motorcycle Helmets Seized in Peterborough

Peterborough Trading Standards have seized a batch of motorcycle helmets that have failed to pass a number of safety tests. The helmets, Jiekai model JK 100 and JK 1000, were on sale for £25 and buying one has been described as “buying a death wish”, by Howard Anderson, director at
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Summer Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

The warm weather is definitely on its way and the barbeques are now out for the duration. It’s not just the barbeques and deck chairs that are receiving a good old clean though, this glimpse of bright, dry weather is great news for motorcyclists who want to make the most
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Is London really the scariest place to ride?

A recent study showed that London is deemed to be the most frightening city to ride a bicycle.  The report highlighted the high speed of city centre traffic, air pollution, poorly designed blue cycle lanes and the break-neck speed of other cyclists negotiating the traffic. For many citizens in Britain’s
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The Problem With Potholes

Potholes and other damages to the road can often be a motorcyclist’s worst nightmare, and the legalities surrounding what you can do if you find yourself injured because of a pothole in the road can be a bit of a grey area. Fortunately, our lawyers here at Express Motorbike Solicitors
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Motoryclists Risk Accident As UK Suffers Heavy Winds And Rain

Yet more flooding has been forecasted for the UK, with homes, schools businesses and transport all expected to suffer damage and disruption in England and Wales. Downpours caused chaos and damage in western England and Wales over the weekend, and other parts of the country will now have to brace
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