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Express Solicitors Acts for Injured Motorcyclist

As many motorbike riders are well aware, they can find themselves among the most vulnerable of road users. Express Solicitors are currently representing a claimant who was involved in an accident involving a peculiar set of circumstances which only highlights the exposed position some motorbike riders find themselves. In this
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Motorcycle Case Law

Motorcyclists are certainly the most vulnerable road users when it comes to road traffic accidents in the UK and it’s our job to ensure that we protect your interests when it comes to obtaining you compensation if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in such an accident. If we
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‘Motorcycle Diaries’ Tours Being Sold by Che Guevara’s Son

The name Che Guevara is renowned worldwide and is a franchise in its own right. However, the youngest son of the beret-wearing Marxist revolutionary has gone one step further, and is now offering ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ tours, for the hefty sum of $6,000 (£3,816) in Cuba, where the average monthly salary
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The Best Motorbike Races In Europe

Everyone knows that motorcyclists ride for a thrill and racing definitely provides them with that thrill. Racing means that the rider is at one with the bike; his chest is pressed against the fuel tank, the engine roars between his legs and his knees sweep the floor and it is
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Two Lorries, a Van and a Motorbike

Yet another motorcyclist has died after a rush hour smash last week in Aberdeenshire. The crash happened at around 8am on Thursday 15th May and involved a motorcycle, a van and two lorries. Although the circumstances surrounding the accident remain unclear a twenty-four year old motorcyclist has become another nasty
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How Important is Weight Distribution?

Body position and weight distribution are two of the main components of riding your motorcycle safely.  Given the speeds you could be travelling, and the fact you are balancing on two wheels instead of the four you would have in a car, if you aren’t balanced on your bike appropriately
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A Young Motorcyclist Brain Damaged By Crash Sues For £2.5million

Darren Braund, 28, has been left paralysed and with brain damage following a horrifying motorbike accident that happened in July 2009. Mr Braund was left in a coma for two weeks and has subsequently lost the use of his left arm and suffers with epileptic fits. He has permanent brain
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Motorcyclist Victim Of Road Rage

Many of us will have experienced road rage at some point in their lives. An angry ‘finger’, mouthed obscenities that you can’t quite decipher or the sight of an impatient driver pummelling his or her own steering wheel in a traffic jam. Occasionally, the media report horror stories of how
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Campaign Urges Young Motorcyclists To Save Their Skin

A new poster, leaflet and animated film campaign has been launched encouraging motorcyclists to save their skin. The aim is to remind young riders of the importance of wearing proper riding kit while on a motorcycle. The images feature a young male on the ground after a motorcycle accident. The
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Female Motorcyclists Value Safety Above Anything Else

Alan Elsworth editor of CAP Green Book has come out and criticized the motorcycle industry for the way it targets female bikers. For those of you who don’t know CAP Green Book is an organization that provides comprehensive valuation information for the motorcycle industry. Dealers Who Focus On Safety And
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