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Best Motorbikes for Beginners

Whether you are just starting out learning to ride or you’re coming back to biking after a long layoff and consider yourself a born-again beginner, deciding which bike to get can be difficult.  First of all, do you want a ‘proper’ motorbike or a scooter?  The best beginner’s bike should
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Fatality on Dirt Track in Manchester Quarry

Express Solicitors are saddened to hear the news that a twelve year old boy has died in Manchester after falling from a motorbike at a quarry. After the fall, on a motorcross dirt track at Cowm Quarry, Whitworth near Rochdale, the boy suffered a heart attack and was pronounced dead in
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20th Anniversary of Bike Safety Event

More than 10,000 people have attended the annual Bikewise safety event which celebrated its 20th anniversary on 20th July. The event was held at Durham Police Headquarters in Durham City and included a number of demonstrations and speakers, promoting motorcycle safety. One of the featured attendees was John McGuinness, Isle
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Are You Putting your Claim at Risk?

Whether it’s clear that you’re the victim in an accident or not, there are loads of ways that you could jeopardise your claim, putting your compensation at risk. If you’ve been involved in a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault then it’s important not to do anything that could risk
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A Guide to Making Safe Modifications

At some point, in every motorcycle’s life, a rider will want to make modifications to the bike. Even when you buy a brand new motorcycle, the chances of it ticking every single one of your requirements is slim to none. Often the reason to make changes is purely to improve
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Think Bike! Who is to blame in these incidents?

Being involved in a road traffic accident is frightening for the victim, the person at fault and any witnesses. Accidents can be caused through a number of reasons; difficult weather, poor visibility, hazardous road conditions, road works, pedestrians and poor driving. The elements of poor driving which most often contribute
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RTA Stats That Make You Think Twice!

RTA stats that make you think twice! For those bikers passionate about the feel of the open road beneath their wheels; being able to see some of the most beautiful scenic routes in the UK; and having the feeling of complete escapism; often the last thing on their mind is
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Motorcycle Fatalities Down, But Riders Still At Risk

In the extensive reportage of the Department for Transport’s 2010-11 road safety figures, a decrease in the number of motorcyclists killed was often highlighted as a silver lining to the otherwise dark cloud. Deaths among vehicle drivers and passengers was up 6%, and pedestrian deaths rose 12%. Justine Greening, Transport
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Pillion Passenger Catapulted From Motorcycle

When one agrees to climb atop a motorcycle as a passenger, they place a huge amount of trust in the person driving the bike. A lapse in concentration, irresponsible behaviour or excessive speed could cause an accident that might be devastating for both of them. The nature of two-wheeled transportation
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Motorcyclist Garroted By Dog Walkers In Manchester

A young father of one was savagely attacked in Manchester, all because he was riding a motorcycle. Chris Richmond, 23, of Newton Heath does not own a motorcycle himself, but was trying out a 125cc model when he was attacked by a pair of dog walkers. ITV reports how the
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