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Motorbike Riding Can Be Hazardous. Useful Tips to Stay Safe

There is no doubt that motorbikes are not as safe to drive as four-wheeled vehicles. This was sadly highlighted on the 11th September 2014 when one of Prince Harry’s police escorts (on a motorbike) was involved in a crash with a car. From the impact the police rider was catapulted
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‘Staffordshire Biker Breakfasts’ Safety Campaign

As the summer riding season is well underway Staffordshire bikers are being targeted in a new campaign aimed at promoting safer riding. Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership have begun holding Staffordshire Biker Breakfasts events to promote safer riding with Staffordshire’s motorcyclists with specialist advice, training courses and even the chance to
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4 Out Of 5 Motorbike Accidents Caused by Other Drivers

One of the biggest motorcycle insurers in the UK, Groupama Insurances, has discovered the main cause of motorcycle accidents in the country. After a detailed analysis of over 1,600 insurance claims for motorcycle accidents, Groupama has revealed that other road users are in fact the most common cause of motorcycle
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New Airless Tyre Intrigues Motorcyclists

Interesting to read that Bridgestone have developed a vehicle tyre that operates sans air. It’s been in the works for a couple of years and features a myriad of spokes inside the tyre in lieu of highly pressurised air. Airless tyres are much heavier than conventional tyres, which partly explains why
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Saferider Innovations Aim To Increase Motorbike Safety

Mira (formerly known as the Motor Industry Research Association) has been testing Saferider systems as they are to be known looking at ways of adapting the safety systems that come as standard in many cars to the unique needs of motorcycle riders. Car drivers have long benefitted from intelligent safety
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Dangerous Driving Forces Motorcyclist To Take Evasive Action

Recent figures suggest that motorcycle travel is becoming safer: casualties dropped by 4% for period 200809 despite motorcycle traffic increasing by 4% for the same period. A welcome trend I’m sure you’ll agree. Motocyclists Are At High Risk Of Accident However it’s still important to remember that while bikers only
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