BBC Documentary Helps Boost Motorbike Sales 11%


source site It seems a BBC documentary starring David Beckham has helped boost the UK motorcycle sales industry Row of motobikessignificantly. During the first six months of the year the industry experienced a rise of 11% in sales.

go The documentary showed Beckham, along with three of his closest friends, navigating the inhospitable Amazon on a Triumph Bonneville.

Buy Soma Online Overnight Rod Veck, a showroom manager in Bristol, puts the increase down to Beckham, “making biking more fashionable and trendy again”.  However, for chief executive of the Motorcycle Industry Association, Steve Kenward, there are hopes that seeing such a well-known figure tackling such unforgiving terrain, on one of the most popular bikes in the industry, will lead to motorcycles being granted a place in the Government’s transport policy:

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enter site We want the Government to see the motorcycle as part of the solution rather than the problem, and then we will see the brakes come off,” he said. “We are within sight of it.”

Buy Diazepam Egypt One of the biggest issues with the government’s support of motorcycles within the policy is that they’ve always been renowned for speed, power and a high accident rate. However, Kenward offers the argument that the industry has progressed and even altered, as more and more standard products aimed at the everyday commuter are being introduced to the market.

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click In the first six months of the year sales were up to 53,994 – far more than the industry has seen for years – which has led to an increase in the full year estimates to 100,000, which, if reached, will be the best for five years. However, it’s important to remember that around a decade ago Ewan McGregor provided a boost in sales, similar to the one we have seen from Beckham’s documentary. So, will Beckham’s boost last as long?

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