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Express Solicitors Acts for Injured Motorcyclist

As many motorbike riders are well aware, they can find themselves among the most vulnerable of road users. Express Solicitors are currently representing a claimant who was involved in an accident involving a peculiar set of circumstances which only highlights the exposed position some motorbike riders find themselves. In this
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Case Law on Motorcycle Accident Claims

I’ve worked in the industry for a number of years and couldn’t count the number of motorcycle claims I’ve dealt with. You can almost always expect two things when a new motorcycle claim lands on your desk. Firstly the injuries are going to be more than “whiplash” – riders have
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Difficult Motorbike Accident Cases

When considering Road Traffic Accidents in the UK, unfortunately motorcyclists are of some the most vulnerable road users and are more likely to suffer an injury at the severe end of the scale as a result of an accident. Even though this may be the case they are also sometimes
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Appropriate & Protective Clothing for Motorcycle Riders

When a client is involved in a motorbike accident they are of a greater impact in numerous areas, than that of a car on car accident. The physical injuries sustained can be from head to toe, it appears from past experience that the main injuries are to the; head, shoulder
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“Motorcycle Accidents Account for 20% of All Deaths & Serious Injuries”

In the UK we have around 1.1-1.2 million motorcycles on our roads. This is around 1-2% of all traffic yet, motorcycle accidents account for 20% of all deaths and serious injuries on the roads. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are around 40 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident compared
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Advice for Motorcyclists Following an Accident

Unfortunately, if you are a motorcyclist and you are involved in a collision with another vehicle, you are more likely than not to suffer injury.  I myself am a motorcyclist and whilst I admit that I am only a fair weather rider, I am acutely aware of the additional risk
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Motorcycle Case Law

Motorcyclists are certainly the most vulnerable road users when it comes to road traffic accidents in the UK and it’s our job to ensure that we protect your interests when it comes to obtaining you compensation if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in such an accident. If we
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Jaguar Land Rover Develop New Safety Technology

In a world of constant distraction roads aren’t the safest of places for drivers, let alone cyclists and motorcyclists. Drivers lose concentration easily; whether they’re being distracted by a discussion on the radio, kids in the back or someone chatting away on their hands-free, generally, they’re driving on auto pilot
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Jerry Lee Lewis’ Harley Davidson Makes Huge Money at Auction

Famous rock ‘n’ roller Jerry Lee Lewis – known to fans as “The Killer” – sold his 1959 Harley at auction last weekend for a massive $385,000. The original bad boy of rock ‘n’ roll, Lewis peaked in the 1950s and 60s with hits including ‘Great Balls of Fire’ and
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Staying Safe on a Motorcycle

According to reports the biggest motorcycle accident hotspots are London and the South East, closely followed by the West Midlands.  However that doesn’t mean rural or suburban roads are safe.  A recent new article has reported the tragic death of a biker killed in Norfolk when a car turned across
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