Diesel Spillage – A Biker’s Invisible Nightmare


go here It is a common thought amongst motorcyclists that if they have an accident as a result of diesel spills on the road then they are not entitled to compensation for their injuries. But that simply isn’t the case. At Express Motorbike Solicitors, our lawyers are experienced at dealing with road accidents caused by spills of diesel oil, and can help you recover compensation for financial loss and injuries sustained.

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Cheap Xanax Overnight Motorcyclists that are injured because they lost control of their motorcycle, skidded on the road or any other form of accident as a result of a diesel or oil spill follow site are entitled to make a claim. Compensation is usually awarded if it can be shown on a balance of probabilities (over 50%) that the negligence of another road user caused an oil or diesel spill to occur. Often this negligence is a result of failing to secure the petrol cap or overfilling a car fuel tank.


see url Diesel spills are actually one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents each year. Diesel and other oil substances are extremely dangerous due to them appearing to be almost invisible against the black tarmac. The problem of diesel spills is worsened by rainfall, which causes the oil to float on the surface and presents an even more dangerous environment for motorcyclists. Diesel spills can remain on the road undetected for several weeks, only resurfacing after rainfall.


http://ichrono.info/index.php/blog/itemlist/user/43-2017-03-28-13-31-38?start=1136 According to the Department of Transport, a fatal or serious collision is twice as likely to be caused by a diesel spill than ice on the road. The Department also warns that diesel spills are becoming more common in rural areas as cars and other vehicles try to take alternative routes to their destinations rather than sit in traffic on the main roads.

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http://le-petitparis.fr/portfolio/cuisine-4-2/ It is recommended by the Department of Transport that motorcyclists take extreme care when out on the roads, especially when driving through areas known for their congestion or when driving round bends.

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Buy Alprazolam 0.5 Mg If you believe that you have been involved in a motorcycle accident as a result of a diesel or oil spill on the road, please don’t hesitate to contact Express Motorbike Solicitors today for free advice on your claim. Call us today on Buy Soma Watson Overnight 0845 456 4007

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