Difficult Motorbike Accident Cases


When considering Road Traffic Accidents in the UK, unfortunately motorcyclists are of some the most vulnerable road users and are more likely to suffer an injury at the severe end of the scale as a result of an accident. Even though this may be the case they are also sometimes subject to criticism on the road.

At Express Solicitors if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault we take pride in pursuing the justice and compensation you deserve.

Express Solicitors will pursue all forms of Motorbike accident claims and the firm is not shy at taking on cases that other firms will not due to their perceived difficulty.

As any motorcyclist will know, being able to weave in and out of traffic is often hugely advantageous particularly at rush hour. Unfortunately, as a result this does mean that riders are more susceptible to being involved in an accident.

A case recently taken on by Express Solicitors involved a client who first came to us after being told by another firm of solicitors that they cannot help due to there not being any reasonable prospects for success.

Upon Express Solicitors reviewing this file we decided to take it on as we believed the client deserved compensation. Fortunately in this instance the client did not suffer any serious injuries, the case in question involved the client who had undertaken a slower moving vehicle, while attempting this the other driver had changed lanes and knocked our client from his motorcycle. As you can imagine in the first instance our client was found to be completely at fault because of the manoeuvre they had undertaken.

Now while motorcyclists should not attempt an undertake manoeuvre, it does not mean that they are solely responsible. In this specific case when liability was originally denied Express Solicitors decided to carry on pursuing the case. Ultimately a 50/50 split on liability was reached and our client managed to receive compensation.  It is important to note that speeding or breaching the Highway Code can be damaging to your case but does not necessarily mean you are not entitled to compensation.

Another interesting case involved a client who was travelling straight along the road on a motorbike when another vehicle pulled out of a junction on the left and collided with him. Unfortunately on this occasion our client suffered extensive injuries and was very much in need of compensation.

Originally liability was denied completely, but Express Solicitors continued to fight as we believed our client was not at fault for the accident. There was then an offer of an 85/15 split against our client, this was then followed by a 50/50 split and then this again following more work undertaken by Express Solicitors the liability split was changed again to 70/30 in favour of our client. At this point the client was happy to accept the split.

It may be the case that you are a motorcyclist who may not have necessarily been in an accident involving another road user, but have suffered injury as a result of a fault with your own motorbike. Express Solicitors have experience dealing with these types of cases, and are happy to fight for compensation in these instances also.

While we cannot speak for other firms, Express Solicitors are not afraid to take a case on which others may wish to avoid. It is important to note that each case will be dealt with and reviewed on its own unique facts and circumstances.

If you are a motorcyclist and have been unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident, please do not hesitate to contact us where we would be more than happy to discuss your incident with you.

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