Express Solicitors Acts for Injured Motorcyclist


As many motorbike riders are well aware, they can find themselves among the most vulnerable of road users. Express Solicitors are currently representing a claimant who was involved in an accident involving a peculiar set of circumstances which only highlights the exposed position some motorbike riders find themselves.

In this particular case the claimant was riding his motorbike, a Honda CBF 125, down a familiar route in his local town in perfect dry and sunny driving conditions. He had come to quite a narrow residential street and was travelling behind a council van when both vehicles came to a stop. The council van had come to a stop as there was a tractor coming down the road in the opposite direction and there was no room for both vehicles to pass.

At this point the claimant’s motorbike was parked several metres behind the van and all of a sudden he noticed the reverse lights of the van come on. The van started to move back towards the claimant and so he started to beep his horn in the hope that the council worker would hear him and stop his maneuverer. Unfortunately the van driver did not hear the claimant’s warnings and carried on reversing , resulting in a collision with the front of the motorbike. The claimant had no option but to jump from his bike out of the path of the van in order to avoid being run over and undoubtedly crushed.

Unfortunately for the claimant, despite wearing suitable safety clothing including a helmet, pads, jacket and gloves, the jump resulted in him injuring his right knee leaving him with permanent scarring. Conceivably the claimant has also suffered from significant psychological injuries including general anxiety, travel anxiety, social avoidance, mood disturbance, nightmares, and concentration problems.  The claimant at this point has still not managed to return to motorbike travelling.

Express Solicitors have ensured that the Claimant has undergone a thorough psychological examination by an appropriate expert who diagnosed the client with an adjustment disorder.  Express Solicitors has now arranged private treatment including cognitive behavioural psychotherapy and Eye-movement desensitisation & reprocessing treatment as recommended by the expert.

Although at this point the claim is still on-going, our client could well be looking at a total settlement figure between £5,000 and £10,000. Up to now Express Solicitors have already assisted the claimant in obtaining a cheque for the pre-accident value of his motorbike that was written off because of the damage suffered. The claimant has also received a £1000.00 interim payment for his general damages and payment for driving lessons in a car that will hopefully improve his confidence when travelling on roads.  Express Solicitors remain confident that the claimant will return to his pre-accident state thanks to the early intervention treatment and that the client will soon recover his affection for motor-bike driving.

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