Failure To Deal With Spillage Causes Motorcycle Accident

As my colleague recently blogged, the condition of the road surface can be a key determinant in the risk of a road traffic accident. This is even more relevant to motorcyclists than it is to their counterparts driving four wheeled vehicles, as cars are generally better equipped to handle pot holes and slippery surfaces.

Figures from the Department for Transport reveal that our roads have deteriorated from 2008 to 2011. By removing targets for improving road conditions, local authorities may report further deteriorations in the coming years.

One client of mine recently suffered a nasty accident due to a spillage on the road surface. He was navigating a bend in the road when the bike skidded, and he suffered a chipped bone in his ankle, torn ligaments in his foot and whiplash-type injuries as he came off the bike.

The initial substance is believed to have been oil or diesel, but what is believed to have caused the road accident is the white powdery substance administered by the local authority to deal with the spillage. This was a hazard in itself as it was said to have been even more slippery than the initial spillage.

The council neglected to warn motorists through signage about the spillage on the road, and also failed to adequately deal with the spillage, which resulted in a very serious accident in which our client was fortunate to survive.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident due to the poor condition of the road surface, please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Motorcycle Accident Solicitor.

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