Harley Davidson To Release The First New Bike In 13 Years

Daniel J

The American motorcycles have been the figment of many men’s dreams for years. However, with their first release for 13 years, Harley Davidson have taken a different direction. Their two new releases, the Street 500 and the Street 750 are aimed at women and have been described as the “little black dress” of motorcycles, in an attempt to get even more women riding motorbikes.

This move has been driven by the fact that in America, sales to women have gone up 30% in the last ten years. They have also released figures which suggest that, globally, one in ten bikes are now sold to females.

The rising popularity motorcycling for women can be seen by the fact that International Female Ride Day, which began in Canada in 2006, is now celebrated throughout the world in the US, Russia, Brazil, India and the UK.

The two new additions to the Street Series have been made comfortable for female riders as the seat has been lowered, the size of the fuel tanks has been reduced and foot pegs have been moved.

Experts in the motorcycling industry believe that the release of these two new motorcycles from Harley Davidson will help them to continue to perform well against their biggest rivals, Kawasaki and Suzuki – especially since women already form a considerable proportion of their sales market and this number is likely to continue to increase.

It’s important to always ride safely when you’re on a motorcycle. However, if you are ever caught up in an accident there are professionals out there who can help you.

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