The Importance of Better Road Safety in Winter

There have been calls to improve motorcycle safety on the roads after a motorcyclist suffered fatal injuries after a crash on a Blackburn road. The crash occurred at a spot between Egerton and Darwen, where teaching assistant David Frampton died as a result of the impact. Mr. Frampton, who served in the RAF, had wandered off the double white lines as he approached a bend close to the Stones Bank Road, and hit an oncoming vehicle.

A terrible accident

At an inquest, held at Blackburn Coroner’s Court, the coroner ruled that the death of the motorcyclist was as a result of head injuries that were sustained during the accident on 20th August. During the inquest, an off duty police officer said that he was driving behind the Audi when the accident occurred. He reported seeing an explosion but he didn’t see the motorcycle.

The officer, who lived near the accident location, also said that the Stones Bank Road is supposed to be a one-way road at the junction. He said the reason for this is that any person who wants to head up can easily take the next right that is found further down. He also said that he had been campaigning for about 12 years while living there, as the bend is quite dangerous and is a disaster waiting to happen.

Are our roads safe enough for motorcyclists?

At this time of year, when the roads become icy, people begin their campaigns for safer roads. However, there are still many roads throughout the UK that are considered too dangerous.

This latest in a stint of motorcycle accidents comes not long after the report that Gloucestershire suffered more motorcyclist fatalities in one month of 2014 than they did in the whole of 2013.  It is clear therefore that something needs to be done to improve the roads and the awareness of drivers.

If you’re out on your bike this winter, make sure you take care on the roads. If you do happen to be involved in an accident, don’t hesitate to give our team of specialist solicitors a call.


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