Inflatable Vest is Key Kit for Preventing Crash Injuries

raheel An American motorcycle clothing company is selling blow-up vests and jackets which could help improve road safety.


go here The Spidi Neck DPS Tex Vest was first reported on Fox News and it retails for $599.90 – don’t worry, it can be shipped over to the UK.

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Buy Adipex Online Pharmacy On the product page it says: ‘The system will work along the helmet to reduce potentially damaging neck movements all while also increasing the tendency to roll on the ground and thus limiting potentially dangerous leverage situations against the terrain’s surface.’

Buy Alprazolam Cheap One of the most beneficial things about the system is that after use, it can be removed, recharged and then used again, so in that respect, it’s not like an airbag at all.

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Buy Diazepam Roche Ty Van Hooydonk of gave his opinion of the vest: / ratio: 97% “It works off this simple tether that’s attached to your bike, and it can attach to a lot of different bikes, and it’s a very easy, simple system. Where you actually have an airbag that’s built into your neck area.”

go here It’s not just the vest that Spidi have available though, they’ve produced a whole range of safety clothing with the neck airbag system, aimed at kerbing the negative statistics surrounding motorcyclists. Accompanying the vest in the collection is the Venture Neck DPS Airbag H2OUT Jacket, which retails for $999.90 and the T-2 Neck DPS Airbag Leather Wind Pro Suit for $2,399.90.

click here At the moment, motorcyclists make up only 1% of traffic on the roads but account for 21% of fatalities, according to a recent report by the Road Safety Foundation (RSF), and it’s with proper safety-wear, like the airbag collection created by Spidi.

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