Jaguar Land Rover Develop New Safety Technology

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In a world of constant distraction roads aren’t the safest of places for drivers, let alone cyclists and motorcyclists. Drivers lose concentration easily; whether they’re being distracted by a discussion on the radio, kids in the back or someone chatting away on their hands-free, generally, they’re driving on auto pilot – especially when driving on familiar roads.

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Although cyclists and motorcyclists go out of their way to make themselves visible to other motorists, it’s not always enough to keep them safe. Jaguar Land Rover is looking to change that, with the development of new safety technology that warns drivers when they’re too close to a cyclist or when a cyclist is approaching.

The technology, called Bike Sense, relies on a number of sensors in their vehicles which alert the driver, using lights and sounds, when cyclists or motorcyclists are near.

The sensors will detect a number of things including when a cyclist is in their blind spot, about to overtake or about to pull out from behind a stationary object. When a cyclist is detected, Bike Sense makes use of a series of LEDs and sounds which will instantly alert the driver (other kinds of alerts will take time to reach the driver’s brain and reactions), visually and audibly. The audible warnings come from the speakers on the side that the cyclist is approaching.

If the driver chooses to

ignore the warnings, part of the driver’s seat extends to tap the driver on the shoulder on the side of the approaching bike and the acceleration pedal will continuously vibrate if they try to speed up despite the warnings.

Bike Sense also protects cyclists and motorcyclists from opening car doors. If a driver tries to open their car door when a cyclist is on the approach there will be an audible warning from the car’s speakers and the door handle will light up and vibrate to alert the driver.

Although Jaguar Land Rover haven’t given an official statement about when the technology will be available in their vehicles, it’ll be a welcome introduction for cyclists and motorcyclists around the world.

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