Lethal Motorcycle Helmets Seized in Peterborough


Peterborough Trading Standards have seized a batch of motorcycle helmets that have failed to pass a number of safety tests.

The helmets, Jiekai model JK 100 and JK 1000, were on sale for £25 and buying one has been described as “buying a death wish”, by Howard Anderson, director at the British Motorcycle Federation (BMF).

Bikers are now being warned against buying cheap helmets from unfamiliar brands because of the safety risks involved. People should make an effort to buy the best helmet that they can afford. It’s thought that the condemned helmets were old stock, shipped from China and sold over the internet. Anyone who has already bought one of these helmets is advised to stop using it and return it to the seller.

Principal trading standards officer, Peter Stonely, shared his thoughts on the findings:

“As someone who does ride a motorcycle I am shocked by these results.

They failed impact tests, being destroyed within two impacts, rather the full five it should take.

This would give a rider almost no protection in a crash, increasing the chance of brain injury or death.

They also failed a number of other tests.

Wearing them would give the rider a sense of safety, which the helmet would not back up.

You may as well not wear a helmet, they are that dangerous.”

As the motorcycle season is getting underway, it’s more important now than ever, to make sure that you have a helmet that’s sturdy enough to keep you safe in an accident. Check the internet and other people’s reviews before making a purchase to ensure that you’re making an educated choice and choosing the best helmet you can afford before you go off on your summer road trip.

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