Motorbike Riding Can Be Hazardous. Useful Tips to Stay Safe

Sian-1-200x300 There is no doubt that motorbikes are not as safe to drive as four-wheeled vehicles. This was sadly highlighted on the 11th September 2014 when one of Prince Harry’s police escorts (on a motorbike) was involved in a crash with a car. From the impact the police rider was catapulted down the road and was hospitalised. This person is an experienced motorbike rider, so this unfortunate incident shows that accidents can happen to even the most experienced riders and drivers.

Buy Cheap Valium Online Australia The Department for Transport statistics for road traffic accidents in 2012 show that motorbike or moped riders have the highest fatality rate of all road users, around 50 times more than car drivers and four times more than cyclists. However, motorbike riders account for just one percent of all road traffic, but comprise nineteen percent of all road user deaths in the UK. In 2012 328 motorbike riders died as a result of accidents on British roads, while a further 5,000 were seriously injured. An estimated 30 bike riders are killed or injured in accidents at junctions every day.

source url In order to be safer while riding a motorbike on British roads you should consider taking an advanced driving test or just a course of lessons that train you to drive more safely. You need experience to be able to anticipate what other road users might do, and you need to always drive within speed limits and be able to slow down and brake effectively and safely should anything untoward occur.

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go to site Shop around for helmets and check their safety ratings. You shouldn’t try to economise on this area of safety; a good helmet could save you from permanent brain damage or death. You should also wear fluorescent clothing during the day and reflective at night. You should also wear protective gear, gloves, boots and trousers as well as the helmet. If you hit the tarmac, jeans offer very little protection.

source link Driving in winter demands extra care and alertness. Invest in a pair of waterproof thermal gloves and if you can afford protective leather gear (one piece) this will be of great benefit as it will protect you from the cold and wind.

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Order Diazepam Overnight Delivery Have your bike serviced regularly and remember to check your tyre pressure to make sure that it is suitable for driving on wintery roads. Finally, drive carefully and stay safe; you don’t want to be just another road traffic accident statistic.
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