“Motorcycle Accidents Account for 20% of All Deaths & Serious Injuries”


In the UK we have around 1.1-1.2 million motorcycles on our roads. This is around 1-2% of all traffic yet, motorcycle accidents account for 20% of all deaths and serious injuries on the roads.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are around 40 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident compared to a car driver. In addition, motorcyclists are more likely to be blamed for the accident, whether that is in part or full.

The injuries that a motorcyclist can sustain following a collision can be catastrophic and it is likely they will bear the brunt of the accident compared to a car user. Injuries can range from minor soft tissue injuries, to broken bones, to brain damage with the requirement for round the clock care.

Express Solicitors can guide you through the often bewildering process that is personal injury compensation claims. We are here to make things easy to understand, guide you through the process at each step of the way and to take the stress and worry out of having to deal with other parties involved.

The firm can arrange for your motorcycle to be inspected and repaired, we can arrange courtesy motorcycle cover and also physiotherapy for your injuries. The cost of these can be recovered from the other side if they are held at fault.

Express Solicitors are currently dealing with a case which is likely to go to court due to the third party insurers trying to allege our client was at fault. One of the partners of our department has been able to counter their attempts at quoting case law and been able to distinguish on the facts. The result means we are likely to be able to get more compensation for the client as the third party insurance company were trying to settle the case 50/50 – meaning our client was 50% responsible for the accident.

Express Solicitors’ Road Traffic Accident department are experts in the field of motorcycling accident claims and have been taking on such cases for over 15 years. Our specialist trained team can fight for the maximum amount of compensation if you have been involved in such an accident and also provide expert legal advice and a sympathetic ear.

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