‘Motorcycle Diaries’ Tours Being Sold by Che Guevara’s Son


The name Che Guevara is renowned worldwide and is a franchise in its own right. However, the youngest son of the beret-wearing Marxist revolutionary has gone one step further, and is now offering ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ tours, for the hefty sum of $6,000 (£3,816) in Cuba, where the average monthly salary is $20.

The youngest son of the famous Argentine, Ernesto, has opened a travel agents in Cuba that looks set to take advantage of Guevara’s historic account of two motorcycle road trips that he took across South America as a student.

The company’s been named La Poderosa Tours, after the name El Che gave to the motorbike that accompanied him on his travels – a British-made Norton – along with his childhood friend Alberto Granado.

The company website states:

“Ernesto Guevara inherited from his father the passion for motorcycles which enables him to travel his country and to know it as few [others].

Proud of his people, he has always longed to share the experience of enjoying the beauties of his country with friends and the brotherhood of motorists visiting the island. Ernesto will fulfil your dreams but also [develop] his.”

Despite the price tag, the company maintains their respect and admiration for the accomplishments of Che Guevara.

For any motorcycling fan, if you can afford this once in a lifetime opportunity, it’s certainly not one to miss. However, remember the laws are different overseas so make sure you check up on them before you travel, but if you do end up in a spot of bother, we’re always here to help.

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