Motorcyclist Garroted By Dog Walkers In Manchester

A young father of one was savagely attacked in Manchester, all because he was riding a motorcycle. Chris Richmond, 23, of Newton Heath does not own a motorcycle himself, but was trying out a 125cc model when he was attacked by a pair of dog walkers.

ITV reports how the couple, said to be middle-aged, had been bothered by the noise of the motorcycle and took their frustration out on the rider. They stretched a dog lead across the path of the motorcycle, and Mr. Richmond was hurled from the vehicle.

The pictures are gruesome, and medics say he’s lucky to still be alive and narrowly avoided being decapitated. The victim escaped with burns, cuts and bruising to his neck, which may leave lasting marks.

By all accounts, there was no provocation from Mr. Richmond and it’s clear that the couple’s aggressive response was wholly disproportionate to the disturbance the bike was causing. It strikes me of another example of how motorcycles can be viewed as a nuisance by the general public, and how their riders are dehumanised in the eyes of the non-rider.

Perhaps this is due to the loud noise of the engine, the helmet which covers the face or the hunched position of the body. We can’t be sure, but I doubt the couple would have taken the same extreme action had Mr. Richmond been a noisy pedestrian or car user.

People would do well to remember that there is a person on every bike and that they are incredibly vulnerable.

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