Motorcyclist Victim Of Road Rage

Many of us will have experienced road rage at some point in their lives. An angry ‘finger’, mouthed obscenities that you can’t quite decipher or the sight of an impatient driver pummelling his or her own steering wheel in a traffic jam.

Occasionally, the media report horror stories of how individuals take road rage into the extreme and either cause a road traffic accident with their impatient driving or exit their vehicle and physically assault their fellow road users. Serious injury and even deaths have occurred, all because drivers can’t keep their cool and behave rationally.

Motorcyclists sometimes take the brunt of car driver’s frustrations. Perhaps there are tinges of envy as the bike easily cuts through traffic while the cars are forced to queue. Maybe car drivers feel trapped in their vehicles as the motorcyclists flaunt their freedom by nimbly stealing a march at junctions.

We were recently contacted by a gentleman who was a victim of road rage. He was punched while still astride his motorcycle and then attacked further as he lay on the ground. The assailant tried to remove the biker’s helmet to cause further damage, but fortunately he was stopped and arrested.

The motorcyclist suffered some nasty injuries, and still experiences tinnitus as a result of the attack. We’re looking in to how best we can help the man and what his options are to recover compensation for his injuries.

My colleague recently blogged about how motorcycles can have a dehumanising effect and cause people to treat those who use them differently. It seems they infuriate people outside of the motorcycle community, but I feel there are a lot of misconceptions about bikers.

The vast majority are – in my experience – careful road users and need protection, if anything, as statistics show they are at a greater risk of injury or death than other categories of road users.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Motorcycle Accident Solicitor.

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