Motorcyclists At Risk On Dark Days

At the time of writing it’s half two in the afternoon. Yet looking out of the window one would be forgiven for thinking it was late evening. Only the street lights have yet to come on as they would of an evening so it’s even darker.

As head of Express Solicitors’ road traffic accident division where we specialise in helping victims of motorcycle accidents my thoughts naturally turn to vulnerable bikers in conditions like these.

Vulnerable Motorcyclists At Risk In Poor Light

Vulnerable because the design of a motorbike offers the rider far far less protection than that of a car. And vulnerable because the size of a motorbike offers far far less protection than a standard car.

Contrary to the myth that motorcyclists are wild reckless speedaddicts with scant regard for their safety in my experience the vast majority are not. Well aware of the dangers if anything they are far more knowledgeable and careful on the roads than the average car driver safely cocooned within the sturdy framework of a modern car.

Take for instance one of my current clients who was knocked off his bike when a car coming from the opposite direction crossed his path into a side road without checking to see if a bike was coming. The smash left him with a fractured leg which may require an operation.

Another of my clients was filtering on the right hand side of slow moving traffic when a car attempted to turn right into a side road and knocked him off his bike. He escaped with a dislocated thumb but will suffer from permanent movement in the joint for the rest of his life.

Many Motorcycle Accidents Could Have Been Avoided

The above two accidents were completely avoidable caused solely because the third party did not check before manoeuvring. The message is simple: take into consideration the conditions and if visibility is reduced then please take more time to check for bikes.

If you or a member of your family has been involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault please contact us to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Motorcycle Accident Solicitor.

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