Motoryclists Risk Accident As UK Suffers Heavy Winds And Rain

Yet more flooding has been forecasted for the UK, with homes, schools businesses and transport all expected to suffer damage and disruption in England and Wales. Downpours caused chaos and damage in western England and Wales over the weekend, and other parts of the country will now have to brace themselves for floods.

Bad news for tennis fans at Queens, but also more pertinently from a safety aspect to motorcyclists. Already in a high-risk category of road user (they make up 20% of all UK road casualties despite representing just 1% of all traffic), they’re urged to take extra care in wet weather.

The Guardian reports that one teenager has already died in West Sussex, the eighteen year old crashing in heavy rain and high winds suffered in that region on Friday. He suffered serious head injuries, and the police are appealing for witnesses.

The inherent risks of travelling by motorcycle are clear: limbs close to the tarmac, body exposed to impact from other vehicles and the high speeds which even relatively cheap models can achieve. Bikers are also at risk from car drivers and pedestrians who don’t take sufficient care, as well as debris in the road and defects in tarmac, such as potholes.

Motorcycles cope less well with wet weather than cars, as the risks above are amplified disproportionately by increased stopping distances on drenched surfaces. Heavy rain also makes motorcyclists less visible to car drivers who may struggle to see them as wipers dance frenetically on the windscreen.

So until some decent summer weather finally reaches us in the UK, please do take extra care on the roads and spare a thought for motorcyclists. The odds are stacked even less in their favour than usual at the moment.

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