New Airless Tyre Intrigues Motorcyclists

Interesting to read that Bridgestone have developed a vehicle tyre that operates sans air. It’s been in the works for a couple of years and features a myriad of spokes inside the tyre in lieu of highly pressurised air.

Airless tyres are much heavier than conventional tyres, which partly explains why to date they have only been commonly used in military and industrial vehicles. But a tyre which is invulnerable to puncture will surely be appealing to car drivers and motorcyclists too, once Bridgestone has proved its reliability and performance.

It may be harder to assuage motorcyclists’ fears, as their tyres are subjected to far more abuse than the typical car tyre. Around 3% of all motorcycle accidents are caused by vehicle failure, most of these being single vehicle accidents caused by damage to the tyre.

With this in mind, I would expect it might be a while before we see a large-scale uptake in any new form of motorcycle tyre, as motorcyclists may be reluctant to experiment with a part of their vehicle which is so crucial to their safety.

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