New Department For Transport Figures A Worry For Motorcyclists

The Department for Transport has published its figures for road conditions for 2008 to 2011, with data sourced from 89 different UK councils. It’s bad news for motorcyclists as the figures show that the overall condition of our roads has drastically gone downhill.

Just under a quarter of councils who provided data reported that the condition of their roads had improved during the recent three year period. 38% declared that their roads had neither improved nor deteriorated while, worryingly, the remaining 38% reported that their roads had worsened.

The coalition government has scrapped local authorities’ targets for improvements, meaning the pothole pandemic is set to continue. There is a huge backlog of repairs which can only be addressed by an increase in funding, something which the government is unlikely to sanction seeing as they’ve scrapped the road conditions targets.

Defects in the road surface, including potholes, pose a greater danger to motorcyclists than to car drivers. It’s not uncommon for a seriously poor road to cause a rider to come off his or her bike or some other kind of road traffic accident, resulting in serious injury.

It’s clear that bikers will need to be extra careful if the government is unwilling to tackle the decline in our roads. They would also do well to email their local authority and report any defects in the road, putting the onus on them to improve their local roads.

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