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Motorcyclist Displays the Necessity of Leathers in Accident

A motorcyclist, from Menai Bridge, believes it was his leather trousers that saved his life in his recent accident in Bangor. Dewi Roberts, aged 27, has been left with burns the size of a rugby ball on his back, after a car collided with his bike on Caernarfon Road, Bangor.
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Female Racer Dies After Track Accident in Wales

It seems that even the pros aren’t safe from the perils of motorcycling; motorcycle racer, 27 year old, Kara Rann, from the Isle of Wight, suffered serious head injuries when she came off her motorbike during a competition at the end of September. The accident happened when she lost control
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Safety Features to Address to Ensure Safe Winter Riding

A lot of riders won’t even consider riding in the unpredictable winter weather, they’ll ensure their bike is protected with a thick layer of grease, covered in an appropriate protective layer – tarpaulin for example – and stored in a garage or lock-up until the fresh buds of spring begin
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Fatality on Dirt Track in Manchester Quarry

Express Solicitors are saddened to hear the news that a twelve year old boy has died in Manchester after falling from a motorbike at a quarry. After the fall, on a motorcross dirt track at Cowm Quarry, Whitworth near Rochdale, the boy suffered a heart attack and was pronounced dead in
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Motorbike Riding Can Be Hazardous. Useful Tips to Stay Safe

There is no doubt that motorbikes are not as safe to drive as four-wheeled vehicles. This was sadly highlighted on the 11th September 2014 when one of Prince Harry’s police escorts (on a motorbike) was involved in a crash with a car. From the impact the police rider was catapulted
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Mother Releases Footage of Son’s Death to Raise Awareness

David Holmes died in a head-on collision while riding his motorbike in the summer of 2013. At the time of the accident, he was wearing a camera on his helmet which meant that his last journey was caught on film. On 4th September 2014, his mother, Brenda Holmes, gave permission
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Motorcyclist dies in Dales hours after biker safety event

A 59 year old man has died in the Yorkshire Dales after colliding with a car on the B6255, close to Hawes. The motorcyclist, from Penrith in Cumbria, was travelling towards Ingleton, North Yorkshire, with three other bikers on 14th September when he collided with a grey Toyota RAV 4
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Overtaking: What are the rules?

Overtaking is responsible for a large number of road accidents, involving motorcycles and other vehicles, every year. Motorcyclists are unjustly hounded because of their overtaking habits, especially when it comes to overtaking stationery or queuing traffic, because people are unaware of many general road rules. Something that will perhaps surprise
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Stealth Motorcycle to Help Police Pursuits in US

California based Zero Motorcycles have developed a silent motorbike to help with police pursuits. In a bid to remain undetected when approaching or following a criminal, this motorcycle gives the police the upper-hand as they can approach in silence. This bike won’t be a let down in a chase either;
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Injured By A Spillage On The Road? You’re Entitled To Make A Claim

Accidents that are caused by a diesel, oil or other kind of spillage are actually quite frequent. Whether your vehicle skids on a spillage or you happen to slip, if the spillage isn’t your fault then you have every right to make a compensation claim. How to claim compensation after
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