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Think Bike! Who is to blame in these incidents?

Being involved in a road traffic accident is frightening for the victim, the person at fault and any witnesses. Accidents can be caused through a number of reasons; difficult weather, poor visibility, hazardous road conditions, road works, pedestrians and poor driving. The elements of poor driving which most often contribute
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Is London really the scariest place to ride?

A recent study showed that London is deemed to be the most frightening city to ride a bicycle.  The report highlighted the high speed of city centre traffic, air pollution, poorly designed blue cycle lanes and the break-neck speed of other cyclists negotiating the traffic. For many citizens in Britain’s
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RTA Stats That Make You Think Twice!

RTA stats that make you think twice! For those bikers passionate about the feel of the open road beneath their wheels; being able to see some of the most beautiful scenic routes in the UK; and having the feeling of complete escapism; often the last thing on their mind is
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How Important is Weight Distribution?

Body position and weight distribution are two of the main components of riding your motorcycle safely.  Given the speeds you could be travelling, and the fact you are balancing on two wheels instead of the four you would have in a car, if you aren’t balanced on your bike appropriately
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How to Avoid the Dangers of Riding in the Dark

A lot of motorcycle riders don’t like riding in the dark; this is a concern for even the most experienced of riders.  However, there are some tips that you can use if riding in the dark is a must.  By using the following advice this can help make riding in
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Winter Motorcycle Safety

Some of the most useful winter motorcycle safety tips Between frozen roads and dark nights and mornings, winter can be extremely hazardous on UK roads – especially for bikers. Whether you’ve got a motorbike or you’re instead a cyclist, the winter can offer a variety of additional challenges and the
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Formidable, historical, long and winding – it’s the Snake Pass

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4 Out Of 5 Motorbike Accidents Caused by Other Drivers

One of the biggest motorcycle insurers in the UK, Groupama Insurances, has discovered the main cause of motorcycle accidents in the country. After a detailed analysis of over 1,600 insurance claims for motorcycle accidents, Groupama has revealed that other road users are in fact the most common cause of motorcycle
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Diesel Spillage – A Biker’s Invisible Nightmare

It is a common thought amongst motorcyclists that if they have an accident as a result of diesel spills on the road then they are not entitled to compensation for their injuries. But that simply isn’t the case. At Express Motorbike Solicitors, our lawyers are experienced at dealing with road
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The Problem With Potholes

Potholes and other damages to the road can often be a motorcyclist’s worst nightmare, and the legalities surrounding what you can do if you find yourself injured because of a pothole in the road can be a bit of a grey area. Fortunately, our lawyers here at Express Motorbike Solicitors
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