Pillion Passenger Catapulted From Motorcycle

When one agrees to climb atop a motorcycle as a passenger, they place a huge amount of trust in the person driving the bike. A lapse in concentration, irresponsible behaviour or excessive speed could cause an accident that might be devastating for both of them.

The nature of two-wheeled transportation means that both driver and passenger will be in close contact with the road surface and other vehicles throughout their journey. It’s well known that motorcyclists are in a high-risk category of road user and that casualties among bikers are disproportionate to their contribution to road traffic.

On occasion, a passenger riding pillion is able to bring legal action against the person controlling the motorcycle due to their dangerous driving. A recent client of mine was forced to do this irrespective of their longstanding friendship, after he was left with serious injuries following a motorcycle accident.

His friend overtook a group of other motorcycles and was not looking ahead when they crashed into a lorry, catapulting them both from the motorcycle. My client sustained a split shin, numerous cuts and bruises, a torn thigh muscle and required a reconstruction of the cruciate ligament in his left knee, in addition to considerable psychological trauma.

Accident it may have been, but there was no doubting that the claimant’s friend was negligent and responsible for the accident. After a long period off work and without pay, he was left with no option but to instruct us to pursue a claim for damages from his friend’s bike insurance policy.

If you have been involved in an accident while riding pillion on a motorcycle, please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Motorcycle Accident Solicitor.

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