Scooter Safety


Scooter Safety: Safety Before Fashion

Wearing the proper gear when you ride your scooter or moped is essential if you’re going to avoid serious injuries. Although scooters are only generally ridden around cities in the summer, it’s still important to put your safety before fashion. Because of the fact that scooters are seen as an easy way to get around busy cities, and the journeys that people take on them rarely last more than a few minutes, a lot of people will put fashion first because they view their risk as minimal. However, accidents do happen and when you’re riding on busy, inner city roads, accidents are more likely than you think.


A helmet is an essential piece of kit for any ride, regardless of length and duration. If you have an accident without a helmet then you’re much more likely to incur serious injuries. When you buy a helmet it’s essential to choose a reputable brand and ensure that it fits properly.

Eye Protection

We’ve all been sat in a car when a stone has been flicked up from the road and hit the windscreen. Riding without eye protection is a massive risk because those stones could end up hitting your face. An object to the eye can cause permanent damage when travelling at only four miles an hour. Debris that’s flicked up from the road travels at much faster speeds and is therefore likely to cause serious damage.

This one isn’t just about safety, as comfort is important too. The wind will dry your eyes quickly and the pain of dry eyes can be unbearable. There are a number of options when it comes to eye protection which means you

can choose whatever is most comfortable for you. You could choose a helmet with a visor, a pair of goggles or even shatterproof glasses. All of these can be tinted so that you don’t have to battle with the glare of the summer sun. However, if you go out using tinted eye protection, make sure you take a clear alternative with you just in case you return home in low light or darkness.


Jackets that are intended for use on scooters, mopeds and motorcycles

are made using especially sturdy materials like denim and leather. A lot of people avoid wearing jackets, particularly in the summer, because of the temperature but nowadays a lot of them have vents that can be unzipped to allow your skin to breathe and stop you from sweating.


The trousers that you wear when riding should also be made of a thick, sturdy material like leather that will not only protect your skin from contact with the ground, it’ll also protect you from the elements. If fashion is your main concern then buy riding clothing that’s slightly too big so that you can put it on, on top of your favourite outfit.


If there’s a piece of clothing to be forgotten it’s definitely hand protection. When riding, your hands are constantly exposed and you automatically use your hands to steady a fall. If you’re wearing leather gloves then the abrasion to your hands will be much less, which means the severity of your injuries will be limited.


Your boots are another important item, they should cover your ankle and be made of strong leather. It’s not just your feet that your boots protect in the case of an accident, hey will also protect your ankles and lower leg too, considerably reducing impact and injury.

In order to ensure you’re riding at your best and aren’t at risk of any embarrassing moments in the rain or when you’re speeding away from a petrol station, it’s a good idea to make sure your boots have a rubber sole with a thick tread, to ensure grip even in the most unaccommodating weather.

These are all the essentials you’ll need when riding you moped this summer and it’s important you wear them because even though your scooter might not have the speed of a motorcycle, you’re just as exposed.

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