Scooter Sales Accelerate In Response To Rising Cost Of Living

The image of an urban street buzzing busily with scooters is synonymous with continental cities like Paris Romeo or Madrid yet Motorcycle Association figures suggest that the UK may be heading this way too. Thousands of motorists are trading in their cars for two wheeled transport with a 12% rise in new scooter purchases last year.

Rise In Scooter Sales Driven By Rising Cost Of Living

The rise in scooter sales particularly the 20% rise in 125cc models when contrasted with declining sales of expensive powerful sport motorcycles suggests that economics are driving this trend. Rising fuel costs insurance premiums congestion charges in the capital and parking fees could all be driving factors as households attempt to reduce their outgoings.

Scooters are seen by many as fun sexy and classically cool and a new scooter owner may feel liberated as they weave between cars jammed up bumper to bumper in rush hour. Yet there are inherent dangers from anyone who swaps the relative safety of a four wheeled vehicle with its airbags seatbelts windscreen and metal framework to a moped on which the human body is vulnerably exposed.

These dangers are reflected in the disproportionate road traffic accident statistics: scooter riders along with their motorcyclist siblings account for just 1% of all UK road traffic yet represent 20% of all road casualties. And should they be involved in an accident the rider’s vulnerability means they are forty times more likely to die than if they were to have the same accident in a fourwheeled vehicle.

New Scooter And Motorcycle Users Encouraged To Consider Safety Training

Pleasingly there are numerous regional and national safety initiatives aimed at training and educating people who are starting out on their twowheel odyssey. A cursory Google search brings up local news reporting training schemes many of which are free across the nation and I hope the boom in scooter sales is mirrored by an uptake in these programs.

And while a desire to save money may have prompted this trend I do hope that some of the savings are invested in good quality safety equipment. A good quality helmet could prove the difference between serious head injuries and a lucky escape.

If you have been involved in a scooter or motorcycle accident please contact us today to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Road traffic Accident solicitor.

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