Triple Motorbike Smash Leaves Rider With Plated Clavicle


A recent client of mine was involved in a very nasty and most unfortunate road traffic accident involving no less than three motorbikes. He was riding his motorcycle along a road in Derby following his friend who was also on a motorbike up ahead.

Motorcycle Accident Leaves Rider With Fractured Clavicle

A combination of poor judgement by his friend and bad luck meant that when the first bike took a corner too wide he collided with a third motorcyclist that happened to be coming the opposite way. The first collision knocked my client’s friend bike back towards him at a rate of knots leaving him with no time to even attempt to take evasive action.

My client sustained a fractured clavicle requiring an operation to plate it. As head of the Road Traffic Accident division here at Express Solicitors sadly I am all too familiar with this type of accident and injury.

Road Awareness Crucial In Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

Motorbikes give the rider a sense of freedom excitement and power due to the terrific speeds even a basic road bike can achieve. The close proximity of the rider to the engine between his or her legs can also make the rider feel in control.

However a rider is left horribly exposed to bone breakages and even death if they or another road user makes an error which causes a collision. A biker’s leather is no competition for the protection afforded by the steel cocoon of a car therefore motorcyclists must be even more roadaware than their cardriving friends.

If you have been involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle please contact us today to discuss you claim free of charge with a specialist Motorcycle Accident Solicitor.

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