Two Biking Accidents Help Kick Start Safety Campaign

Daniel J

A £2.5 million safety proposal has gone on display today in Hartley Wintney, following almost 20 accidents in the last 25 years – including two high profile motorbike accidents.

The accidents all happened at a black spot at the junction which links the A30 with the A327. The scheme aims to slow traffic travelling along the A30 at Hartford Bridge Flats, by preventing right turns. They’re also looking to realign a junction and add a new roundabout at the current problematic spot.

Hampshire County Council are behind the plans and have split the project into two phases. The proposed drawings went on display on Friday 20th June. Graham Wright, the council’s delivery transport manager describes the road in its current state along with the plans:

“The speed is very fast and we need to do something to slow the traffic down.
We will be narrowing the carriageway slightly to get people to drive more slowly. In the mornings there are heavy queues so the roundabout will break that up.”

With thoughts looking to the future the new roundabout will have a fourth arm leading to Blackbushes Road. This will mean that additional work for the second phase of the project will be kept to a minimum.
Leader of the safety engineering team, Steve Woodward, said that roundabouts are proven ro reduce the number of accidents on the roads:

“We have had a high number of accidents for about 25 years including two serious high profile motorbike accidents causing serious injury,” he said.

We put in anti-skid surfacing and vehicle activated signs to slow down traffic. Accidents will reduce for a period of time and then creep up again.”

Only time will tell whether or not the campaign is a success and does indeed make these roads safer; in the meantime it’s really important for drivers, especially motorcyclists – due to the high proportion of road deaths they account for each year – drive as safely as possible. If you are involved in a motorcycling accident that wasn’t your fault then be sure to contact a trained legal professional for advice.

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