Worries As MOT Tests Scrapped For Classic Cars

I think its fair to describe the Department Of Transports decision to scrap MOT tests for pre-1960 cars as a shock. I say this because it was this government who scrapped plans made by their predecessors that would have meant fewer MOTs for all cars.

A campaign was led by East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight, who has gone on record as being delighted by this weeks announcement. He points out that accidents involving historic vehicles are rare and that owners of such cars maintain them lovingly, negating the need for a yearly MOT.

Now, I dont doubt Mr. Knights claims and Im all for removing superfluous red tape and costs. Yet I feel the saving of a yearly MOT fee may prove to be a false economy. Shop around, and you can get one for about £25 these days. Who knows by how much greedy insurance companies will increase insurance premiums for these classic cars, now that they are trusting the upkeep of the vehicle in question to amateur enthusiasts?

Secondly, in the event of a serious accident, where will a driver legally stand if their non-MOT tested car collides with a MOT-tested car? One imagines itd be hard to prove from the mangled wreckage whether or not the car was safe.

As head of the Road Traffic Accident department here at Express Solicitors, I am all too familiar with the impact a serious car accident can have on an individual and their family. And while the accident rate for classic cars is admirably low, saying they dont need formal testing sends out the wrong message.

Im no kill joy, and the sight of an Austin A30 coming towards me on a country lane brings a smile to my face as it would to any other car lover. I just wish we could have preserved the status quo on safety testing, so I could be sure the Austins brakes, tyres and steering had been tested to the same rigorous standards as my own vehicle.

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