Need to Make a Cycling Accident Claim?

If you’ve been involved in a cycling accident due to no fault of your own, don’t give up on compensation – call Express Motorbike Solicitors. At EMS, we’ve been helping people to make successful bicycle accident claims for many years, and with an expert, professional team at helm, we’re here to let you know exactly where you stand. If you feel that you’ve got a bicycle accident claim to make, or even if you’re not sure whether you’re entitled to compensation or not, why not get in touch today? Our completely up-to-date, accurate knowledge of the legislation surrounding cycle accident claims makes us the ‘go to’ service for cycling accident compensation.

Be Covered For Your Losses

So, whether your cycling injuries were caused by a negligent driver, bad road surface or anything else that wasn’t your fault, we’re here to help. Many cyclists are put off from making a claim due to the fact that they are not protected by insurance companies like drivers are, but this does not mean that you should simply give up if you have been injured whilst out cycling. Many injuries caused during cycling can lead to costly medical bills, but these can be covered when you make a cycling accident claim. You may also be able to pay for any damage to your bike and accessories when you make a cycling accident claim – and if your accident has left you unable to work, cycling accident compensation can cover lost earnings too.

Get the Cycle Accident Compensation You Deserve

Don’t worry if you think that any driver that hit you might be untraceable either – the Motor Insurers’ Bureau has enabled scores of traffic accident victims to be compensated even when there is no way of identifying the culprit. This can also cover any accidents caused by spillages, and if your injury was sustained due to local authority negligence, we can make cycling accident claims against the Highways Authority too. Our world-class solicitors have been behind scores of victorious bicycle accident claims, so why not get in touch today if you’ve been the victim of a cycling accident that wasn’t your fault?


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