No Win No Fee Compensation Claims For Motorbike Accidents

Express Motorbike Solicitors Welcome to Express Motorbike Solicitors. We are the UK’s leading specialists in motorbike accident claims.

As more and more people turn to motorbikes as their main form of transport, the number of reported accidents is rising. Sadly, other drivers are less than careful, roads are built for (and damaged by) cars and heavier vehicles and pedestrians take less care with bikes than they might with a car or larger vehicle.

For a motorcyclist, this means that the risk of being in an accident, even as a careful rider, is higher.

The Consequences

Even if you’ve been sensible enough to take all precautions, riding carefully and wearing safety gear – a helmet and leathers – a small accident could have long reaching consequences.

In addition to the potential for hospital treatment, you could need a lengthy recovery period where you might need time away from work and your normal earning potential.

For you and your family, this can spell pain, heartache and financial difficulty.

What to Do?

Express Solicitors have extensive experience when it comes to obtaining compensation for motorbike accidents.

Motorbike & road traffic accident claims are a part of personal injury law and as part of UK regulations; if you have been injured in a motorbike or a cycling accident which wasn’t your fault then you have the right to claim compensation from the person or party which caused your accident.

If your motorbike accident took place anywhere other than the public road then you may still have a case. We’ve successfully gained compensation for motorbike accidents in motorcross and private roads.

As well as the injuries you suffered, motorcycle injury claims can also provide a remedy for your psychological suffering, damage to your bike and other equipment, time away from work in the form of lost earnings and any healthcare costs that you and your family might have had to pay as you recovered from your injuries.

Your pain and suffering as the result of an accident which you did not cause is very real, so we believe it should be recognised in the form of a motorbike accident claim.

Making your Claim

As the UK’s leading firm of solicitors specialising in motorbike accident compensation, Express Solicitors will guide you through the process of claiming compensation for your injuries. As well as assessing whether your motorcycle accident compensation claim is valid, we’ll help you to compile all evidence to prove that the accident was not your fault, negotiate with the guilty party on your behalf and attend court to present your case if required.

As with many personal injury situations, you can be assured that if your case is successful then 100% of the motorbike or cycle accident claims compensation will be awarded directly to you. We’ll claim our fees as part of the case so you won’t lose any of the money which you and your family are entitled to. What’s more, as part of our No Win No Fee policy, if your claim is unsuccessful then you won’t have to pay us a penny.

Starting the Process

Starting your motorcycle injury claims process couldn’t be simpler: all you or your representative needs to do is contact our experienced staff for a no obligation conversation in which we’ll discuss your case and assess it thoroughly. After that, if you decide to go ahead with your claim then one of our experienced solicitors will visit you either at home or in the hospital to discuss your case thoroughly.

Once we’ve opened your file then we’ll present a full and balanced case for compensation, negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf and ensure you’re awarded 100% of your compensation.


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