Edward Wright Shares His Motorbike Accident Claim Story

Motorbike accident claim success for Adnan Ali

Express Solicitors helped Adnan Ali win £50,856 in compensation when he ended up spending six months in plaster after a car knocked him off his motorbike and injured his right leg.

In June 2011, Adnan was riding his bike through a Manchester suburb when a car turned into his path, hitting him in the right leg and knocking him to the ground. Both the police and ambulance services were called to the scene and Adnan was taken to hospital where he was found to have broken his right tibia and fibula.

Adnan spent over six months in plaster cast and was required to have surgery in November 2011 when X-rays showed his bones weren’t fusing together properly. A pin was put in his leg and the plaster cast was not removed until January 2012. Adnan was given physiotherapy on the NHS and when this came to an end, Express Solicitors arranged for him to have further, private sessions to help him get back on his feet again.

“This accident changed my life for almost a year,” said Adnan, “as I was in plaster for half of it and requiring physio for some time afterwards. It was this disruption to my life that made me decide to bring a compensation claim to cover my injuries, care, loss of earnings and damage to my bike.”


Express Solicitors did a great job and kept me informed about what was happening on a regular basis. No amount of compensation will make up for what I went through but what I was awarded will certainly help me move on with my life. I would definitely recommend the firm to others who may have been involved in a motorbike accident that wasn’t their fault.
Client: Adnan Ali
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